About Us


Lucy Heath

“Lucy has infectious enthusiasm when it comes to dogs and training – she makes you look at your dog in a whole new light”

Hi I’m Lucy! I’m a professional dog trainer with 18 years experience and at heart I’m still just that little girl who is obsessed with dogs. I’m a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (01143) and I only use kind, reward based training methods.

I’m probably most well known for reaching the final of Britain’s Got Talent with my little pal Trip Hazard in 2016, for placing 5th on Britain’s Got Talent 2024 and for our enormous following on TikTok (1.9 million).

I started out my training journey with Lincs Dog Training, where I was mentored on my way to becoming a dog training instructor and passed my assessments with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. I taught for Lincs Dog Training alongside my day job as a post lady for Royal Mail until I eventually left Royal Mail to set up my own dog training.

From 2014 I worked as Head Animal Trainer at The Company of Animals Training and Behaviour Centre in Surrey, teaching a huge variety of different training classes and workshops, 121 training, implementing follow up training with clients for the behaviourists and assisting expert witnesses Dr Roger Mugford and Dr Kendall Shepherd in assessments of dogs seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

After reaching the final of Britain’s Got Talent with Trip, I was able to change my life and focus entirely on my passion for training and performing with my own dogs and teaching others how to train tricks and Heelwork to Music.

My biggest passion is my dog display team work. I love giving family-friendly, entertaining and educational performances all over the UK with my own dogs, getting the audience engaged and involved.

I specialise in Heelwork to Music – having qualified for the Crufts finals (the top 10 in the UK) 16 times and been selected for Heelwork to Music Team GB 4 times with 4 different dogs. I am also a qualified Heelwork to Music judge. Trip and Foxy were selected to be part of Team GB to compete at the FCI European Open Championships in Italy in October 2023, where Foxy placed 2nd in the Heelwork to Music and Trip Hazard placed 5th in the Freestyle, contributing to team GOLD in the Freestyle division and team SILVER in the Heelwork to Music division. In 2024 I qualified 3 of my dogs for the Crufts Heelwork to Music and Freestyle finals, with Trip Hazard placing 3rd (due to barking deduction) in the Freestyle final with his Lion King routine and Foxy placing 2nd in the Heelwork to Music final. Trip, Foxy and Strike are all members of Heelwork to Music Team GB to compete at the European Open Championships in Stuttgart, Germany in August 2024.

I also work as an animal trainer and handler for film and television. Some of the more recent projects I have worked on are the latest We Buy Any Car advert with Foxy (Charlotte Wilde Film & TV Animals), Hilton Hotel advert where my Dizzy worked with Paris Hilton (Charlotte Wilde Film & TV Animals), the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, training and handling Queen Charlotte’s Pomeranians in series 1, 2 and 3 (Birds & Animals UK), movie The Electrical Life of Louis Wain with Benedict Cumberbatch (Charlotte Wilde Film & TV Animals) and the Netflix series The Hidden Lives of Our Pets (Charlotte Wilde Film & TV Animals). Trip was in a recent episode of Silent Witness, running away from his owner and finding a dead body in the Thames! (Birds and Animals UK).

As well as training and handling animals behind the scenes, my dogs and I have made frequent television appearances over the years including That Dog Can Dance, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Britain’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got More Talent, This Morning, CBBC How to be Epic at Everything, Play Your Pets Right on Sky, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The One Show and Blue Peter.

I enjoy many activities with my dogs such as canicross, stand up paddle boarding, hiking and dock jumping.

About the 4 legged team members

Trip Hazard

Trip is a 9 year old Pomeranian cross Maltese and he is an absolute legend. Trip made it to the final of Britain’s Got Talent, has starred in pantomime at the Liverpool Echo Arena and is a very well trained and experienced film dog, having starred in many adverts and had bit parts in TV series such as Ted Lasso and Pennyworth. He has also been a very successful Heelwork to Music Freestyle dog, taking 4th, 3rd and 2nd at Crufts and 5th in the European Open Championships 2023. That aside, he is an absolutely hilarious character, always “talking” in his strange little gurgles and dancing for no reason. He adores people and other dogs and has the innate ability to brighten up anyone’s day with his character.

Stillmoor Star Turn – Foxy

Foxy is a 10 year old Border Collie. She is an Advanced Heelwork to Music and Freestyle dog. Foxy is one of the top Heelwork to Music dogs in the UK, having just taken 2nd place at the European Open Championships in Italy in October 2023. Foxy is a real sweetheart and we joke that she has a built in “emotion detector” – if you are sad, before the first tear even falls, she will be snuggled up to you in concern! She is so obsessed with toys that she has even been seen passing toys to the neighbours visitors over the fence so they throw them back into the garden for her!

Stillmoor Here Comes the Sun – Strike

Strike is a 5 year old Border Collie (Foxy’s nephew) and has a starring role in ITV’s “The Secret Life of Our Pets” (now on Netflix as “The Hidden Lives of Pets”). As soon as Strike was old enough to compete, the pandemic started, so he had a late start. He has blossomed into the most fantastic performer and really gives 100% to everything he does. He flew up through the classes and finished his first year of competing as an Advanced Freestyle dog. He won Advanced Freestyle this year to secure his place in the Crufys Freestyle Semi Finals. He is a mummy’s boy through and through, and can be a bit shy with people he doesn’t know.

Halohound Set the Tempo – Tempo

Tempo is a 2 year old Border Collie. She was bred by my friends Lucy and Rob Creek. I loved her parents so much that when I saw they had mated them, I just had to enquire! I am so glad I did. She is everything I could have hoped for and more. She is a sweet, friendly dog with a lovely nature, and when it comes to training and working she is as fast as lightening and so incredibly keen, focused and motivated. She did her first competition this year in Novice Freestyle and won her class with a super high score!


Dizzy, better known as Tiny D, is a 7 year old Pomeranian cross Maltese. She is related to Trip but is a very different dog. She weighs in at a tiny 1.5kg and can’t even jump onto our sofa at home, but she absolutely adores training and showing off! She loves being held, stroked and fawned over by anyone who comes to see us at events. Dizzy has done lots of film work, but her most ideal job was being Paris Hilton’s dog in a Hilton advert!

Emperatrice Romantic Angel – Princess Peach

Peach is a 2 year old Maltese. She is absolutely crazy in the best of ways! All of my dogs love her, she loves all people, all dogs, she is just a very gregarious and outgoing character! She is coming on amazing with her training, she learns very quickly and is incredibly fast! Peach has also done some filming work in a new book to tv series adaptation.

Gone but not forgotten

Tachnamadra Tartan Embers – Ash

Ash was my first proper “dog of my own” and passed away a couple of weeks before his 16th birthday. In his prime he was a super agility dog and dabbled in Heelwork to Music Freestyle, working at Intermediate level with points towards Advanced. He always took part in my event demonstrations and also did film work. Ash liked every dog and every person. You would most likely see Ash at events with us letting him have a wander around the stalls, hoping for some freebie treats!

Foxearth Follow Me – Trent

Trent was a pedigree Smooth Collie – a vulnerable native breed. Trent was a sensitive boy who tried his paws at everything with me – Heelwork to Music, Agility, Obedience. Trent made it to Crufts in 2015 as part of team Smooth Collie in the Obreedience competition. He gained a Silver Versatility award with the Rough and Smooth Collie Training Association. Most of all, he was my buddy. He loved me and he loved every person he met, with his wagging tail and his excited “pufflecheeks”. He left us at 13 years old due to a mystery illness that the vets could not figure out.

Stillmoor Winter Sun – Indie

Indie was a Red Merle Border Collie and she passed away at over 15 years old, sadly taken from us by a brain tumour. Up until the day she died she loved to do training for fun and charge about on our walks like a 3 year old – she was very lucky that she never did age physically really. Indie was one of the top Heelwork to Music dogs in the UK for many years, taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the finals at Crufts. Indie also won the ITV show That Dog Can Dance, judged by Sharon Osborne, Bill Bailey and Ashleigh Butler. She was my soul mate and I owe her so much – she changed my life. Everything that is good in my life came about because of her.